monbento® Kids

The perfect companions for kids' mealtimes on the go

We know all about family adventures out and about!

Thousands of families worldwide already use our products, and today we are going the extra mile with the monbento®Kids range, long-lasting lunch boxes and accessories cleverly-designed together with parents, and approved by children! The aim? To teach growing kids that it's important to eat properly, and to limit waste so as to look after our beautiful planet.

Discover the Kids range

The little monkeys are 100% convinced!

100% cleverly-designed

Because children's daily lives are as exciting as they are unpredictable...

Our products are designed to make life easier for parents specifically with the kids' lifestyles in mind - no matter what they get up to!

100% customisable

Your children are unique and original, which is a good thing, as our products are too!

To give mini explorers the opportunity to freely express their personality our products can be customised (choice of colours, addition of names, interchangeable tabs, etc.).

100% tested & certified

Quality is a priority for us, and it is especially important where kids are concerned.

All of our products are tested in accredited laboratories and certified by independent bodies, to comply with the standards and requirements associated with the use of each product.

A fantastic experience!

Fantastic customer service

Laura knows the secrets to using our products inside-out, and is available to

Laura knows the secrets to using our products inside-out, and is available to help you to get the most out of your experience.

Fantastic style

Our talented graphic designers bring characters and collections to life that inspire children to dream big!

All year round, we offer a range of unique designs andcolours so you can pick the perfect loyal and fun companions for your kids' meals and snacks on the go!

Fantastic innovative designs

Also working behind the scenes at our offices are our product designers, whose research is driven by your lifestyles and practices!

Originality, convenience and quality are our guiding values to design, together with you, products that have kids and their hectic daily routines uppermost in mind.

There are zero secrets between us!

Zero wast

Learning to consume better, while reducing our waste, is something kids can do too!

Our long-lasting and resistant products can be reused umpteen times, accompanying kids on all their activities out and about.

Zero risk

Because there is nothing more precious than our kids, we've thought of everything!

We have taken great care over the choices of each product's materials: BPA free guaranteed (in line with the regulations), microwave-safe (no transfer of chemicals) and uncompromising solidity and durability.

Zero obsolescence

Is your product out of action? Have you lost or damaged a part? No need to panic!

To extend the service life of your products, we provide all the spare parts you need to breathe new life into your damaged products.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the full range of monbento®Kids
products now, and treat your kids to healthy meals wherever and whenever they want!

Can't resist !